I speak two languages ~ body and english




I have found in my life that sensuality is far more than just sexual connection. Sensuality is our ability to continue deepening our connection to ourselves, to what matters to us and to another.

It is an opening of heart. It is going into more profound layers of the whole human experience. It’s ultimately presence to the moment.

A gaze

A touch

A tender first kiss

An intimate moment of vulnerability

A sharing of something never voiced in to the world

A unique moment in time shared with a stranger, the right scent in the air, the right lighting and just right moment of exchange.

Sensuality is our senses heightened and connected in a way we have never felt before, yet there is a familiarity that drives us to continue to be present. Sharing intimacy, safety and union in any moment with reverence for the space another holds is who we are meant to be.

We are not meant to be so separate, so isolated. Intimate connection presents in many forms and it’s foundation is our ability to presence and channel the fullness of who we are.

And you’ll never know who you truly are without opening your heart and being in ways you never have before.

I am not a provider.

I am a confidante, an clandestine sanctuary in a loud and uproarious city. I am, quite simply, at your service.

I am an artist and find inspiration in the whimsical and humorous. I bring that same intention to my relationships and believe in creating encounters that endure in our psyche long after the fact.

Are you curious? Do you feel a compulsion to explore that electricity? To feel the apex of primal sensation?

There’s only one way to know for sure...



Sky Stone
Los Angeles, CA
5' 8"
125 lbs